Lindsay Vieira

director of interior Design

Your home should tell your personal story. My role is to help you find the right mix of color, texture and materials that connect your home to your life. A truly beautiful and comfortable home comes from our successful collaboration – helping you identify and realize your vision.
— Lindsay Vieira, Designer


Contagious optimism. This is just one of the many ways that Lindsay was described by former colleagues as she came on board at Renovation Planning & Interiors. 

So true. Her easy-going, accommodative work style makes her a pleasure to work with in the collaborative-design process. Lindsay brings very broad experience to the design role at Renovation Planning & Interiors. She is comfortable across all styles –seamlessly applying her skill in whatever direction a client may lead. She helps the client’s style come alive in their home renovation as well as expertly guiding clients with the softer side of interior design including color palette, furniture, accessories, wall-coverings, window-treatments, and floor-coverings.

A dedicated and talented designer, Lindsay earned her Bachelor of Interior Design from Becker College in Worcester, Massachusetts. Before joining Renovation Planning, she spent 8 years with a design firm in New York City focusing on high-end residential and commercial projects for a broad variety of clients.