Jeff Swanson


On every project, I like to bring a combination of elements that garners the response, “I never would have thought of that!” As I begin a project, I get truly excited when I find the unique solution that is original, practical and that “centers” the design solution.
— Jeff Swanson, Principal


Jeff's background in product design and space planning, unique to home design, allows him to create living spaces with ergonomics and human-scale planned as part of the fundamental design — not as an afterthought.

The result is a home which is an extension of your life, rather than an obstacle to it. Trained as an Industrial Designer, Jeff brings a unique set of skills to work on your home. In his career, he has focused on product design, client service and interior space planning for residential renovations. That unique mix helps Jeff tightly focus on successful and beautiful results.

Jeff earned a Bachelor of Arts from Purdue University in Industrial Design, a Master of Fine Arts in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois, and a degree in Architectural Drafting & Design from Vincennes University.